Windows 8 – A Brief Verdict

Windows 8 – A Brief Verdict

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Windows 8 has now been out for over a month and in that time I have been using it daily so thought I would share my opinion.

Despite being considered an ‘expert’ with computers, when I initially upgrade to Windows 8, and was greeted with the new Metro (Start) Menu, I found myself frustrated with not being able navigate through the new system at the speed I am used to.  Happily after around twenty minutes of configuring the new setup I felt more at home and was enjoying the new experience.
Windows 8 really is just Windows 7 with a facelift and a few extras!  This isn’t a bad thing as Windows 7 has proven itself to be a reliable Operating System.

The Good: The new Windows 8 Metro menu is very nice to look at and lays your programs & apps out nicely.  Windows 8 boots (loads) very quickly and the whole system performs tasks swiftly.  So far, after a month of usage it has not crashed or had a technical issue.  The new Windows ‘Store’ is full of some very good apps.

The Bad: Slight learning curve and disorientation at the new layout, configuring it initially is a bit time consuming – but the effort is worth it.

The Ugly! Your old programs may not be compatible with Windows 8, and could mean they would need to be uninstalled and if still required, replaced with newer versions.
So is it worth upgrading?

I think it is a good upgrade option, especially as Microsoft are currently discounting the upgrade version. You can upgrade from Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.  Before buying, I would recommend having a look on YouTube for a guide to ‘Windows 8 Metro’ just to get a feel for it and decide if it’s for you!    If you are running Windows Vista, the upgrade would be a good idea, as Vista is plagued with issues and Windows 8 would give you a more stable platform.  Whatever version of Windows you have, I would recommend that you have at least 2GB of memory (RAM).

You can download the Windows Upgrade Advisor from the Microsoft Website , this will check your current systems compatibility, which is free of charge to do.
If you have any queries please get in touch.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ian.