Windows 8.1 Update and a New Scam to be aware of

Windows 8.1 Update and a New Scam to be aware of

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As mentioned in last month’s article the free Windows 8.1 update was released in October.  It brings a few new features to Windows 8 which are a welcome addition but there are still a few annoying things that have not been sorted.  One thing that a lot of users didn’t like was that Windows 8 took you to your Start Menu rather than going to your Desktop on boot up.  You can now set it to do this by going to your desktop and right clicking on the bottom taskbar, then select Properties.  On the menu that pops up go to the ‘Navigation’ tab and on the list of options put a tick next to the ‘When I sign in or close all applications on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start’, then click apply.  This can give a more familiar experience.  Other features are tweaks and customisations that I don’t have enough time to go into here.  If you have Internet Explorer stuck on the full screen version email us and I will explain how to change it to the desktop version permanently.

SCAM:  A new scam I have been made aware of by a customer is a telephone call claiming that their PC had a non-genuine version of Windows installed, and asking for payment to correct the issue.  You would not a phone call from Microsoft or any other company for that matter relating to this.  If in any doubt please give me a call.

We have been doing many upgrades and new installations of Desktops and Laptops for customers in light of Windows XP’s support expiring in April 2014.  If you need any advice regarding an upgrade or new purchase please get in touch.  We supply laptops with 12 months warranty – which is an onsite warranty.  Our Desktops are custom built using the most reliable manufacturers unlike the type sold in high street stores.  These come with a 2 year onsite hardware and labour warranty as standard.

As always if you have any minor or major queries please get in touch.  I would like to wish all the Beach Hut readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Ian.