Windows 8.1 ‘Update 1’ & Mini Tips

Windows 8.1 ‘Update 1’ & Mini Tips

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Hello again, so the Windows XP deadline has passed and for many people it was time to say “Bye Bye” to XP!

This past month I have moved many customers over to new PCs, laptops and tablets with the aim of taking the stress out of the migration.  The majority of people have gone over to Windows 8 with a few choosing Windows 7 to lessen the degree of change.  I have to say I have really enjoyed helping people to adapt and understand their new devices!

In April Microsoft released an update ingeniously named ‘Update 1’ for Windows 8 adding some new features, a few of which I will cover briefly.

One minor feature is the tiled Start Menu now includes a power button to Shutdown/Restart, as you can see from the picture.  Minor to say the least but nice to have rather than the clumsy way you had to do it previously.  Another feature is that the Full Screen Apps now have the traditional top right actions ‘Minimise’, ‘Maximise’ and ‘Close’, giving them have a less ‘how do I get out of here?’ feel.  I think overall this update makes Windows 8 feel better for PCs and Laptop users.  Minor but good improvements and worth updating to in my opinion.  Did you know… can right click on the Windows 8.1 Start Button to reveal a useful menu of common tasks?

Mini Tips: I occasionally get asked ‘What is the best thing to clean a flat screen monitor with?

There are two options I use:

1st. AM Denmark Screen Cleaner Gel: it really gets the screen looking perfect and comes with a microfiber cloth.
2nd. Use a baby wipe!  Ring out any moisture in the baby wipe first then use it to clean the whole screen and remove any sneeze/smug marks or dust!  Then use a microfiber cloth to buff the screen shiny.

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