Windows 10 to be free? Surely not…..

Windows 10 to be free? Surely not…..

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Hello again, last month I covered the announcement of Windows 10 scheduled to arrive in the last quarter of 2015.  I mentioned the rumour of it being a free upgrade which at the time I was very sceptical about but it has turned out to be true!  The free upgrade will be available for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users and will be available for the first year from its release.  I am always delighted when new things come along so I am very excited about this!  I can also understand that people can have some reservations when upgrading, as sometimes things can go wrong and, after all, change is not always good.  I do hope that Windows 10 will be a return to form for Microsoft and will hopefully take the things that were great in Windows 7 and the not so many things that were good in Windows 8.  I will be trying out the Windows 10 Technical Preview shortly so will have some hands on impressions of it soon enough.

Speaking of updates, I installed a new Android update on my HTC Phone last weekend which subsequently broke the phone and wasn’t recoverable.  I did have a backup but it was a few weeks old so only lost a few family pictures, still frustrating none the less.  Still shows the importance of a backup which I often nag people about!

Still dealing with various scams to be aware of:

·        Unexpected phone calls saying your computer has issues and they are calling to help!  Simply hang up, it’s a random call and they have no idea about your computers health.  Any information they give that identifies your computer ‘uniquely’ (in an attempt to convince you) is generic and the same on anyone’s PC, do not fall for this.


·        Emails with attachments: only open attachments if you know the person sending them and even then be cautious if you were not expecting the attachment, it may have been sent without the sender’s knowledge.