Windows 10, should you upgrade now?

Windows 10, should you upgrade now?

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Hello again, hope you have enjoyed another typical British Summer!  It has now been a few months since Windows 10 was released.  I have had many customers who I have helped with the upgrade and many who have carried it out themselves.  So if you haven’t upgraded yet should you do so?  I would say yes.  The majority of people who have upgraded have been pleased with the new operating system and the upgrade process is fairly straightforward.  Approximately 95% of upgrades complete without issue.  Frustratingly enough I have a custom built laptop that is currently not upgrading to Windows 10 at all, why me!  The Windows 10 upgrade is the most straightforward Microsoft have ever released.  It brings over all of your files, programs (unless incompatible) and most settings.

I have found users moving from Windows 8 have been positive about Windows 10, as the difference feel less and the improvements more substantial.  Users from Windows 7 or older versions can feel a little less at home.  The new Start Menu works well I think but again as with Windows 8 it is crucial to configure it to your requirements.  The tile icons on the start menu can be moved around by clicking and dragging them to the desired location.  You can also Right Click on the tiles and select ‘Unpin from Start’ to remove it and also go into ‘All Apps’ and right click on any program you want to add to the Start Menu by selecting ‘Pin to Start’.

If you need any help with the upgrade or to make Windows 10 more user friendly, please get in touch.

If your Windows 10 upgrade doesn’t seem to be starting please drop me an email and I will give you instruction on how to force it to start.

Again another reminder, this month I dealt with another customer whose hard drive had failed with the dreaded ‘Click of Death’ unfortunately losing all of their data as no backup was in place.  Please get in touch to discuss your best options.  If you cannot afford to lost it keep it backed up!

Have a great month, Ian.