Windows 10 Preview – Early Impressions

Windows 10 Preview – Early Impressions

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So this month I finally got round to trying out the Windows 10 Technical Preview, which is basically an early release of the new operating system.  The main difference to Windows 8 is that the traditional Start Menu has returned to the bottom left of the screen.  One of the main gripes users had with Windows 8 was the full screen Start Menu, which out of the box was terrible but I my opinion, when setup correctly, was great.  The new Start Menu is similar to the one found in Windows Vista and 7 but just has a more modern feel to it.  It also includes the tiles found on the Windows 8 Start Menu but just in a more accessible ‘desktop friendly’ way.  I have included a picture to give you an example of the new menu.

As a Windows 8 user who gets on fine with the new Start Menu I’m not sure what I prefer, the traditional Start Menu is great for people who hated the Windows 8 one, but as someone who gets on fine with it I’m not sure which I would prefer to use given the choice.  The good thing is you get a choice in Windows 10 as you can use either.

The rest of Windows 10 was very familiar, worked very quickly and being a geek I enjoyed exploring the more modern look!

Windows 10 will be released in Q4 of 2015 and will be a free upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.  If you have any questions please get in touch, Ian.