Windows 10 – Arriving 2015!

Windows 10 – Arriving 2015!

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Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing Windows 10 this year, although no date has been given I would imagine it will be October – December time.  There will be no Windows 9, maybe to clearly separate it from Windows 8, however my American Uncle did tell me it is thought of as an unlucky number too!

The Return of the Start Menu – By Default Windows 10 will get rid of the full screen start menu introduced in Windows 8 (much to user’s disgust and frustration).  While I did find it fine to use in the end, once configured correctly, the traditional start menu will be a welcome sight.

Microsoft seems to follow a bit of a pattern with their operating systems.  They got it right with XP, wrong with Vista, right with Windows 7 and wrong with 8!  So with any luck Windows 10 will hopefully be a return to form and with so much competition around in today’s world they really need to get it right.  Again, in my opinion I have got used to Windows 8 but can understand user’s frustrations.    Even with Windows 8 poor reception, Microsoft still dominates the home and business PC market.

There have been rumours that Windows 10 maybe a free upgrade for users who currently have Windows 8.  I don’t think this will happen but it maybe be offered at a heavily discounted rate for a limited time.
I will keep you updated on release dates, cost and other information as it comes through.

If you are thinking of upgrading your laptop or desktop and currently have Windows 7, I would say hold on and wait for Windows 10.  If you have Windows 8 then I think the upgrade will definitely be worth doing.