Thinking of getting a tablet – what to consider

Thinking of getting a tablet – what to consider

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Tablets have revolutionised the way we do things making computing portable, light weight and affordable.  I thought it might be helpful to summarise the main options on the market and what I would recommend.

Most domestic users want access to the internet, email, play games, take pictures and use services like Skype.  Tablets are ideal for this and can be configured for newcomers in an easy to use way.

The tablet market is flooded with options, some fantastic value for money, some extremely expensive and some that are just plain awful and poorly made.  Tablets now start from as little as £50.

The main options in my opinion are as follows:

Apple iPad: This is the premier option, they are the flagship tablet, do everything you need and are very safe to use.  The downside is the price as they tend to be the most expensive tablets on the market.  iPad Mini’s start around £270 (unless on offer) and have a 7.9” display, standard iPads are larger with a 9.7” display and start around the £400 mark.

Android Tablets: Android refers to the operating system that runs on the tablet, android tablets are available from many manufacturers.  They offer excellent value for money and are my preferred option.  There are many versions but I personally like the tablets Samsung make.  They are well built and do everything an iPad can for a lot less money.  Samsung tablets start at around £120+.

Amazon Kindle Fire: The kindle was the original digital book reader but Amazon also created a tablet version called the Kindle Fire, they are excellent value for money starting at around £80.  They do internet, email and games very well.  The specification does not match that of the iPad or the Samsung tablets but that’s why they are cheaper.

If you know you’re going to like and use your tablet go for an iPad or a decent Samsung tablet.  If you’re unsure go in at the lower end of the market to make sure they are for you!

Most importantly, if you get a tablet make sure you get a cover as they are easy to drop.  Best cases wrap round the whole tablet to protect the screen from impact that otherwise could shatter the screen.

We can supply and setup tablets for customers and configure them to be accessible for its intended use.  Also, don’t assume your wireless printer will be compatible with your tablet as this is not always the case!