Broadband Issues

Broadband Issues

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Over the past month I have received an increased number of calls relating to broadband issues in the Torbay area.

All of the issues have been with BT lines.  Whether your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is BT, TalkTalk, Orange, Post Office, PlusNet etc.  They all use the BT phone line.  The problem is that if you have an issue you can be charged between £99.99-£130.00 if the fault is found with your equipment or due to the use of secondary phone line/s.  The rule of thumb is that any fault from your main BT socket back to the external connection (telegraph pole) and beyond is BT’s responsibility.  However any issues inside your home can result in you being charged, so it is important to be certain before asking for your ISP to arrange a site visit.

Things to try if you are having problems:

  • Turn your computer and router off for 30 seconds and then back on.  Its simple but it does often work!
  • Your property will have a main BT socket, which is the first connection that your property has to BT.  This can normally be identified as it will often have a BT logo on it, also the main socket will have a split in the middle.  So if you have broadband or phone issues you are best to connect your devices to the main BT socket to check if they are still present.
  • BT lines require the use of microfilters for each socket you have devices connected to.  The microfilter basically separates the telephone and broadband signal so they can be delivered to the  specific device.  Failing to have these connected can result in interference that may interrupt broadband usage and cause issues during phone conversations.
  • Also try replacing your filters.  You are normally provided with a few when you receive your router.  They are white matchbox sized units with a 2” cable attached. Please note: Virgin Media or mobile broadband services do not require microfilters.
  • You can also phone your ISP to ask if there are any known faults in the area and to ask them to test your phone line.

If you get stuck or need some advice please get in touch.