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Hello, I have had another busy month helping many customers with IT issues, supplying many of our TCS desktop PCs with Windows 7 and 8, as well as Windows laptops. Having the sun out is a welcome addition and distraction from my own computer!

Over the past few months I have been to customers who have computers full of malware infections, pop-up adverts and bogus programs. It is quite common that these systems have become worse after being used by a child in the family. Kids nowadays are very tech savvy, picking things up very quickly and have no fear in exploring computers or tablets. Kids are great on these devices but as I have found first hand with my own children they will click on anything if it comes between them and getting to the game or website they desire! Many free games and video websites often contain supposedly ‘required installations’. Basically if you want to play a game the website can say you must install a specific piece of software or toolbar to continue. With just a few of these types of installations your system can stop functioning as quickly and be full of pop-up messages/warnings. This can cause the system to be branded with the all too common saying I hear “it’s going through the window in a minute”!

One thing I have been advising customers to do with this particular issue is to create a separate profile for the child to use. This account can be set as a ‘standard’ account meaning it is not authorised to install software without permission from your own account. This can help a lot. A lot of the minor infections can often only affect the account they were installed on, meaning that your own account is less likely to be affected.

So basically if you have a similar issue to the above it would be worth creating a standard account for that particular user. Then put a password on your own account to stop them getting back into yours or installing any gremlins!

Please get in touch if you have any queries, have a good June. Ian.