Should I update Java and Adobe Flash Player?

Should I update Java and Adobe Flash Player?

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The title of this month article is a question I get asked a lot by customers.  Java and Flash Player are software platforms that many websites on the internet use but think of them in a simpler way – they help make websites work.  So you do need them, however many customers are not sure when prompted to update if it is genuine and if they should install it.  The answer is yes, but make sure it is the real program before installing.  Unfortunately Java and Flash Player are so common many bogus websites can say you need to update them to continue and then actually install something completely different.

The safest way to be sure is to go directly to the manufacturer’s websites, they are as follows:

Java: – during the installation un-tick an optional extras.

Adobe Flash Player: – again un-tick the optional extras!

Once you have installed these restart your internet browser and you will be up to date.

Last month I recommended AdwCleaner, I had one customer get in touch to say they had downloaded it and it was asking for money.  The AdwCleaner is completely free and will not ask this, so you may have something else.  Here is the manufacturers download address for the program:

Finally, a few months ago I spoke about the virtual reality device I was receiving to test, the Oculus Rift.  This device was breath-taking, I tried an underwater demo that felt like the device was the snorkelling mask and you literally could look above, below and behind you, it was very immersive.  I then foolishly tried a rollercoaster demo, which was amazing but the motion sickness I had for the next hour was not quite so!  My thoughts on it are that it has a long way to go but when it does become a consumer quality product it will turn heads.