Secure UK Online Backup


Protecting your data in todays digital world is crucial, whether it is family photos, personal documents, business critical files or accounts.

All to often data backup is overlooked and the decision to protect your data has to be made prior to you needing the backup in the first place.  Don’t leave it to chance, if you cannot afford to lose it, ensure it is safely backed up.  Online backup is a very safe and secure way to protect your data from loss, be it from user error, virus attack, fire or theft.

Our Online backup is a fully automated system that will backup your important data every hour to ensure you are protected.  The data is kept at a purpose built, secure data centre based in the UK and is encrypted from the moment it leaves your system Details can be provided on request.

There is no limit to the amount of data you backup or the number of devices you need backing up.  So one subscription can cover a whole businesses systems or a families devices.

The backup is provided at the set yearly cost of £50.00.  

Additional subscription packages are available for our monitored backup.

For more information please get in touch.