New Year’s Resolution – Backup what’s important!

New Year’s Resolution – Backup what’s important!

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Happy New Year, I hope you all had a good Christmas. I’m writing this before Christmas but I’ll predict I’ve had a good one!

This month again I want to reiterated the importance of backing up your data.  Every month I am helping customers recover data from there systems following a software failure or hard drive fault.  I would say 75% of the time we can get their important data back but not always.  Data needs to be backed up if it’s important, as in it needs to be in two different places.  Namely an external hard drive or online backup.

Earlier this year I had to help a web designer from Exeter recover the majority of his business work from a faulty hard drive.  This had to be recovered at a special laboratory and it cost over £1200 but he didn’t have a choice as the data was business critical.

So think about your data and how important it is to you, it maybe business critical or just very special family photos. They all mean something.

This month we are doing a special on our own online backup. It is normally £60 per year but this month it will be £40 for the first year and also include free setup. The online backup  is unlimited and encrypts all of your data and is stored securely in the UK.