Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

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Keyboard shortcuts have been around in computing for a long time.  They are actions linked to specific key sequences.  I published a comprehensive list a few years ago which many said they found useful.

Common Shortcuts (by pressing the following):

TCS-icon-16x16  CTRL + X = Cut – the highlighted item.

TCS-icon-16x16  CTRL + C = Copy – what you have highlighted

TCS-icon-16x16  CTRL + V = Paste – what you have just copied.

Here is a list of the shortcuts I find the most useful.   Windows Key Logo = The Windows Key (To the left of your space bar).

TCS-icon-16x16  Windows Task View: Windows Key Logo  + Tab – This opens the new Task View, which will show all of your currently opened programs allowing you to select and switch easily.  Ideal for the multi-tasker!

TCS-icon-16x16  Windows Task Switch: Alt + Tab – This action quickly switches between your currently opened programs.

TCS-icon-16x16  Open File Explorer: Windows Key Logo + E – This opens File Explorer, which gives you access to any devices connected to your computer and also access to your files.

TCS-icon-16x16  Show/Hide your Desktop: Windows Key Logo + D – This function quickly takes you straight to your desktop.  A quick press again and you will be take back to the screen you were previously on, magic!

TCS-icon-16x16  Maximise your current App: Windows Key Logo + Up Arrow – This function will maximise any App your currently have open.  Also, by pressing the Windows Key  + Down Arrow key will minimise the screen.  The left or right arrow keys will snap the program to that edge of the screen.

TCS-icon-16x16  Lock your PC: Windows Key Logo + L – This will instantly lock your PC, which helps keep little hands from fiddling if you are walking away from your system.  Password will be requested if you have one on your system.

TCS-icon-16x16  Undoing a mistake:  CTRL + Z – I find I use this a lot!  This function undoes your last action, particularly helpful when writing or editing documents, pictures etc.

I hope that list is of some use, as always please get in touch if you have any queries, Ian.