Giving Windows a New Theme

Giving Windows a New Theme

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This month I am covering something that I had done on my own computer recently – changed my Windows Theme.  Unfortunately the procedure is only applicable to Windows 7 & 8 systems, sorry XP & Vista users!

Windows Themes are basically visual changes mainly to the desktop background, but they also sometimes alter the colour of the taskbar, borders and sounds.  The nice thing is that you can pick a theme that you like and it will often have several desktop background as part of the theme which will change every so often.  For example, you could select a New Zealand theme and have your desktop background changing every 5 minutes to a different scenic view of their wonderful landscape.  Not every bodies cup of tea, but I quite like it!

Okay, so how can you do this:

Right click on an empty space on your desktop background, from the menu that appears select ‘Personalise’.  On this screen you should already see a few themes like ‘United Kingdom’, ‘Earth’ or ‘Flowers’.  These you can simply left click on and enable that theme.  Now to find others, select the ‘Get more themes online’ option.  This will open an internet page where you will see a selection of themes you can add to your own version of Windows.  To do this simply click the ‘Download’ option under the theme you would like and click ‘Run/Open’, this will then automatically add and enable this theme to your own desktop.  The themes can have 10-15 different backgrounds in each theme, so will give a changing look to your system.

You can also look for themes under the categories on the left of the page e.g. ‘Automotive’, ‘Animals’, ‘Art’, ‘Movies’ etc.  At the top right of the page you can also search for specific themes like ‘Ferrari’ or ‘Beaches’.  You can always change a theme by repeating the procedure above and selecting a different one.

As always give me a call if you get stuck or need advice on anything technology related.  Ian.