Getting to grips with the Windows 8 Start Menu

Getting to grips with the Windows 8 Start Menu

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This month I thought I would explain how you can customise the Windows 8 Start Menu.

The Windows 8 Start Menu is made up of tiles that are links to programs, folders and settings.  The key is to remove tiles that you do not use/want and add tiles for the ones that you need.

To remove a tile go to the Start Menu and right click on it and from the toolbar that appears at the bottom, then select ‘Unpin from Start’, that tile will now have been removed.  You can repeat this process until you have only items on your start menu that you actually want.

Programs will automatically add themselves to your start menu, however if you cannot find a program you think is installed simply go to your start menu and type in the name of the program (you do not have to click on anything, just start typing the name and the search box will appear).  When you find the program (whether it is via the search on the start menu or on your desktop) right click on the program and select ‘Pin to Start’.  This program will now be added to your start menu.  Note that any newly added tiles will appear on the far right hand side of the start menu.
You can move tiles to different locations, for example grouping similar tiles together.  You can do this by holding your left mouse button down on a tile and while holding it move the tile to another location.  You will see that other tiles will make way for it and when you release the mouse button it will stay where you have left it.

If you are struggling with the Windows 8 Start Menu please give me a call as I can have it configured in a way that you will find a great deal simpler.

Finally, the Windows 8.1 update will have now been released (17th October 2013) unfortunately it was not in time to include a review this month but next month I will provide a mini-review of what the update brings.  If you have Windows 8 then you will be able to update to 8.1 for free via Windows Update.  Have a great October, Ian