Getting ride of annoying malware

Getting ride of annoying malware

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Every few months I seem to be talking about virus/malware infections.  Over the past six weeks I seem to be dealing with them almost every day.   Recently more minor but extremely annoying infections are very common, these change your homepage, cause popups windows to appear when you’re browsing the internet and slow down your computer.  You also don’t know what else they could be doing in the background, so the best thing to do is just get rid of them!

I have found another free program that is a bit of a gem called Adwcleaner (as in Adware Cleaner).  Unlike a lot of anti-malware software Adwcleaner seems not only to find the infections but also rogue programs that have been installed without your knowledge.   You can download it safely from CNET (, just do a Google search for ‘Adwcleaner cnet’.

I personally think that free anti-virus software doesn’t cut it and recommend a paid solution.  We supply and recommend ESET Smart Security, which is by far the best anti-virus software I have used and does not impact the system as much as others.  Also ESET do not increase the yearly premiums like many other companies do, please get in touch if you would like a quote.

In brief here are the programs I would currently recommend if you want a free anti-virus solution:

Main Anti-Virus: AVAST Free – Requires a free registration with email.

Additional Software (to run alongside the above): MalwareBytes & Adwcleaner.

All can be downloaded safely from CNET (

In August Microsoft released an update for Windows 8 that apparently after its installation caused a large number of systems to no longer boot correctly, by the time this month’s Beach Hut is out it would be too late to warn anyone.  However if you ‘Like’ our Facebook page you can get notified of urgent warnings like this and what to do to protect yourself.   You can find our Facebook page here: