Domestic IT Support

Most people now need to have some sort of access to IT, whether you like it or not. Some are enthusiastic and others a little fearful! Our aim is to take the stress out of your IT use and enable you to enjoy a hassle free experience.


We provide an onsite service and will quickly help you to resolve your problem and ensure you are getting the most from your equipment. We will look at your need and provide a patient approach that will be tailored to your level of IT knowledge.


We provide IT support for Windows, Apple and Android Computer, laptops and tablets. We also supply a large range of IT equipment and peripherals at competitive prices with onsite warranty if you have any issues.

Onsite & Remote IT Support

We aim to make our IT support tailored to your needs, with a friendly accessible approach. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or major problem, get in touch and we can help.

Microsoft, Apple & Android Devices Supported

Whether you are a Windows, Apple or Android user we have the expertise to guide you through any problem or query you have no matter how big or small.

Hardware & Software Solutions

It is not always easy to decide what you need to meet your needs, so let us match your requirements to your ideal product.

Custom Desktop PCs with 2 year warranty

Our custom built systems are specifically designed to meet your requirements and budget. Whether it is just internet & email, design work or even a high-end gaming setup.

Laptop & Tablet Sales

We can provide laptops and tablets at competitive prices. It does not matter if its your first iPad or Laptop we will customise it to easy to use and guide you through it step by step.

Custom Gaming Systems

If your a gamer and want a system especially created to meet your needs please get in touch. With over 15 year experience building them, we can create the best system to fit your budget.

Networking & Wireless Solutions

Wherever you need internet access in your home or improvements to your wireless connectivity, we can ensure you get it.

Onsite & Cloud Backup Solutions

Often overlooked but if you cannot afford to lose it, back it up! We provide onsite backup solutions as well as an unlimited, secure UK online backup. Find out more.

Specialist Data Recovery

Whether you’ve accidentally deleted your data, been the victim of a virus attack or your system has failed, we have the technology to recover your essential data.

ESET Software Authorised Partner

As an Authorised ESET Partner we can provide full security packages to ensure your online and system security is maximised. We can also provide offers not available to the public directly. Find out more.

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All Platforms

windows and mac

Upgrades & Repairs to Windows or Apple Desktops, Laptops & Tablets. At Tomlinson Computer Support we also offer a fully guaranteed equipment supply service.

Computer Support

We provide expert support for Windows, Apple and Android devices. Whether it is a Desktop PC, iMac, Laptop or tablet you can turn to us to resolve your issues.

Equipment Supplies

Tomlinson Computer Support supply a large range of equipment from Custom built PCs, to laptops, tablets, printers, networking equipment and peripherals.

Software Solutions

When your IT goes down you suddenly realise how much you need it, particularly if your business is dependent on it. Don’t stress – just get in touch.



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