Being Search Savvy

Being Search Savvy

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Every month I visit customers who are having problems with their systems caused by bogus software. This can often happen when people are trying to install a program and inadvertently download something completely different. So I thought I would give a few bits of advice to help reduce the chance of this happening. For this explanation the software to be installed is Adobe Flash Player which is a legitimate piece of software that is required by a huge number of websites.

To begin, I always recommend using as I find it usually will provide the most accurate results. Here is the Google search result:


When you search the internet results are given in order of relevance to the text you entered. So in theory the top result is the most relevant but watch out for the paid Ads. These can be spotted by the yellow Ad symbol on Google as shown above – they have paid to be at the top. A paid ad can take you anywhere and offer anything! There can be 0-3 ads at the top of each search, so my advice is to ignore the ads completely and use the links below them. So in the example above the top result is the advert which in this case offers bogus software and the second result is the genuine Flash Player download. I hope this helps to make it easier to find the websites you are really looking for!

Let me know if you have any queries. I really appreciate the feedback I get regarding the monthly article and please let me know if there is a topic you would like covering. Have a good month, Ian.