Become an iOS Wizard – A selection of useful tips for the iPad & iPhone

Become an iOS Wizard – A selection of useful tips for the iPad & iPhone

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This month I thought I would cover the Apple iPad & iPhone, the mobile devices that gave the world a new approach to modern day computing.  I have put together a list of what I think are the most useful things to know about your iOS Devices.

Zooming In & Out: This is common knowledge but the iPad and iPhone have smaller screens so zooming in is required at times.  Many apps support this feature – to zoom in place two fingers on the screen and slowly move then away from each other, do the opposite to zoom out.
Moving Apps:  If you want to move your app to a different location on the screen simply hold a single finger on the app you want to move and then drag it to another location.  Any app already there will kindly move over!

Deleting Apps: To delete an app you no longer want hold your finger on the app for around 2 seconds.  All the apps will start to shake and you will see that many of your apps now have an ‘x’ in the corner, press the ‘x’ on the app you wish to delete.

Switching between apps: Instead of returning to the main screen when switching between apps you can bring up a special screen that allows you to switch between your recently used apps instantly.  To do this double click the home button, this will then display a section along the bottom of your page with your recently used apps.  Press the app you would like to switch to and it will take you directly to it.

Closing apps when not in use: Often apps will run in the background or sometimes crash.  It is possible to stop them running.  To do this double click the home button and on the section that appears hold your finger on the app you want to ‘Stop’.  The apps on this section will now have an ‘x’ in the corner which when pressed will stop the app from running in the background.  This is also handy if your app stops work, which can happen and then allows you to start it again from scratch.

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