A Burning Desire

A Burning Desire

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This month I am recommending another free program that I have been using for a few years.  It is a CD and DVD burning program and is compatible with all Windows versions (XP and newer).  The program is called CD Burner XP and is available from the developer’s website: https://cdburnerxp.se.  The installation is fairly straight forward, but being free it does offer to install an additional program, so just make sure you tick the ‘I Do Not Accept’ when you get to that section and then you will not get that included!

The software allows you to create CDs and DVDs, these can be audio or data (pictures, documents etc).  You can also copy discs straight to another.  A nice feature it does have is to create ‘Disc Spanning’ discs, which is the process of spreading data that would otherwise be too big for one disc onto multiple discs.  So if you had 11GB of pictures and only 4.7GB capacity DVDs the Disc Spanning feature would break the data between 3 discs for you, so you can just click burn and just change the discs when prompted.  Having to do that manually is a pain and can be time consuming.

Please let me know if you need any support with this program.  There are a huge range of free programs on the internet and some real gems but there are many that are totally rubbish and may even infect your system or change settings without your knowledge.  Please let me know if you are looking for a free program for a specific purpose and I can let you know what would be safe to use or even try it for you first!

January has been a very busy month and I have dealt with all sorts of common problems and had some new challenging problems too, which I really enjoy!  Any problems either large or small please get in touch.  Have a good February and March.  Ian.